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I know all of you viewers out there are like, "Why did she get a website?" Well, let me tell ya, I was B-O-R-E-D! Plus I had an itch to get back into the website creation. So anywho, relax, pull up a chair, and point and click your way across the website!

Bon, whatever.

Updates in the World of Kate
Well, here it is! What I know, all of you are waiting for. A blow-by-blow, day-by-day acount of events! JUST KIDDING! Here are the significant events:

- 12-23-02- "Into the Woods" auditions...SUPRISE PARTY FOR DANNY!!! SNAP!!!

- XXXmASS dance (thanks for the term guys)was AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GREAT TIME!! I LOVE YOU ALL!

- OH SNAP! Look who got into the fall production, The Good Doctor!!! ME!!! Look at that Foxy Old Lady!!!

- 10-04-02 - Homecoming was so AWESOME!! I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!! THANKS TO ALL!!!

- 09-04-02 - Senior year begins...bring on the college!

- 08-20-02 - I create this marvelous website.

- 08/19/02 - Drama Camp starts.

- Begining of the summer - I start my on-again, off-again cross country training.
Picture coming soon.

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